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Celebrate Pasta Month with Mia Francesca Trattoria!

Mia Francesca Trattoria in Midtown Raleigh at North Hills prepares the finest pasta served Tuscany Italian style in the Triangle.  Just recently, our latest blog post discussed the history of pasta in Italy. But did you know that there are many interesting facts and even excellent nutritional benefits on that wonderful plate of gnocchi, spaghetti, linguine, ravioli, orzo and so many more.

All October, it is National Pasta Month!

 Let’s dish out three great “bennies” and some unusual facts about the Triangle’s favorite food.

Excellent nutritional benefits include:Italian Restaurant North Raleigh

  • Pasta is an outstanding source of complex carbohydrates and it provides the optimum type of “fuel” to power your muscles and mind. Pasta digests more slowly and provides a slower release of energy to keep you going throughout your day. Pasta indeed is brain food!
  • Pasta is the ideal partner for other nutritious foods that are essential to a healthy diet such as fiber-filled vegetables and beans, heart healthy fish and oils, antioxidant-rich tomato sauce and protein-packed, poultry and lean meats.
  • Now, nutrition aside, pasta just plain tastes good and that could be the best benefit of all.

Little known facts on pasta:

  • The average person in Italy eats more than 51 pounds of pasta every year. We wonder what the above average person eats during the course of a year?
  • Americans, as a whole, consume 6 billion pounds of pasta each and every year; much of it at Mia Francesca!
  • According to the National Pasta Association (NPA), among the reasons cited for pasta’s popularity are its nutritional value, taste, convenience and economical value. We know the number one reason just has to be taste.
  • For individuals diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, our gluten-free pasta enables them to enjoy many of our pasta dishes guilt- free as a regular part of their diet.
  • According to the American Pasta Report, 40 percent of respondents state spaghetti as their most favorite pasta, followed by lasagna (12%), macaroni and cheese (6%), fettuccine (6%), linguine (3%), elbows (3%), pasta salad (3%), and angel hair (2%). We ask why meatballs did not make the list. We know they are related to spaghetti!

Mia Francesca invites you to come enjoy our delicious authentic Italian pasta any day of the week. .  Make reservations to enjoy our private dining for events such as wedding parties, business meetings, bar and bat mitzvahs as well as birthday or anniversary celebrations.  Enjoy our extensive list of pasta dishes on our catering menu.

Remember at Mia Francesca our pasta is truly “to dine” for any day of the week.

**Make Mia Francesca in North Hills a part of your Autumn gatherings and your upcoming Thanksgiving Dinners. Show us off to your favorite out-of-town guests and your business associates as they come to the Triangle for Thanksgiving and the warmth of our Central Carolina weather.

Please check out the video demonstration of our IRON CHEF Zach making traditional Italian Biscotti

Check out all of our Italian Food recipes!

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Mia Francesca Trattoria

4100 Main at North Hills Street

Raleigh, NC 27609

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