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Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Buffet is a Holiday Feast

dreamstime 34275484What could be better than eating Thanksgiving lunch or dinner prepared by expert professional chefs? Mia Francesca Trattoria of Midtown Raleigh in North Hills offers a bountiful kid-friendly Thanksgiving Day feast each year, and there is nothing in the Triangle like it for anyone of any age. We do all the holiday presentation, work and effort, so families and friends can enjoy spending time together. Our Thanksgiving Day Buffet Menu will please everyone, even the pickiest eater.

Everyone loves the Thanksgiving classics and we have as much of the traditional foods that anyone could enjoy! Everyone loves:

  • Delicious Traditional Stuffing with corn bread, brioche, bacon lardons, leeks, and poultry jus
  • Hearty Mashed Potatoes prepared to please the biggest crowd
  • Mashed Local Sweet Potatoes loaded with that homegrown North Carolina taste
  • Tasty Green Bean Casserole combined with wild mushrooms, cream sauce, and frazzled onions
  • Real Cranberry Sauce with fresh cranberries and citrus
  • Honey Baked Country Ham with maple, brown sugar, honey, and Dijon
  • Braised Turkey Leg slowly simmered with turkey jus and sage
  • Delicately Roasted Turkey Breast seasoned with lemon, rosemary, thyme, and garlic

Since we are an authentic Tuscan-Italian restaurant in the Triangle, we have added some Italian favorites to celebrate this American holiday:

  • Our Pasta con Mozzarella features our penne pasta with tomato basil sauce, parmesan, and fresh mozzarella
  • Our Pasta con Pollo includes grilled chicken, penne pasta, and pine nuts with a delectable basil cream sauce
  • Our Salmon con Porri features pan seared Atlantic salmon with leeks, wild mushrooms, and farm fresh chopped tomatoes

Kids of every age will love our unlimited salads, cheeses, jams, fresh fruit, mixed seasonal veggies, deviled eggs, collard greens, and warm rolls. Mia Francesca holiday desserts include pecan pie bars, pumpkin pie, apple pie, tiramisu, assorted cannolis, petit fours, and flourless chocolate cake.

Make Thanksgiving Day reservations for your family and friends and enjoy the rich holiday tradition of our unique eating and dining experience. We know we will see all of our Thanksgiving guests returning from last year’s buffet.

“Where do we eat Thanksgiving dinner this year Mom?” Our guess is Mia Francesca Trattoria in North Hills!


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Mia Francesca Trattoria

4100 Main at North Hills Street

Raleigh, NC 27609

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