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Mia Francesca Trattoria in North Hills Offers the Classic Italian Meatball Video

meatball1Comfort foods mean something to all of us. We often think of traditional macaroni & cheese and the standard juicy cheeseburger; but the number one comfort food in America is and always has been the classic Italian meatball! It is all in the ingredients.

Everything from the movies, T.V. commercials, kid’s books, gangster nicknames, and even IKEA is associated with this famous and time-tested delicacy. Most often paired with pasta and fresh, homemade tomato sauce; it is a weekly staple in many Triangle households. In historic and picturesque Italy, it is often center stage as the main dish of the masses and the rich elite, featured on village dining tables from Tuscany to Sicily.

There are plenty of reasons for meatball popularity. Family dinner aside, there even is a simple, romantic allure to a quiet dinner for two that features a bottle of Chianti, rich homemade pasta, and those irregular rolled golf ball sized gems we all know and love.

Do you want to know how to make the best classic Italian meatball? Let Mia Francesca Trattoria’s Executive Chef, Zach Van Gaasbeek, show you in a brand new video that features the magic of meatball preparation. The Chef says it is about bringing back the roots of Italy, combining that bold rustic flavor with simple and authentic cuisine. We have to believe!

Guests at Mia Francesca can savor these delicious and delectable meatballs in the entree Spaghetti alla Bolognese, authentic Italian pasta with beef, veal, pork, fresh herbs, tomato basil sauce, and Parmigiano Reggiano.  And from our gluten-free menu, try our Penne alla Bolognese, and enjoy that experience as well.

Chef Zach takes the viewer of “meatball perfection” step- by- step through the creation experience.

  • preparing the vegetables
  • adding white wine
  • the techniques for cooling the vegetables
  • adding the key ingredients for the unique flavor
  • the meat mixture preparation
  • baking to perfection
  • the final touches

Meatballs simply bring people together to laugh, break bread, and share stories. Try Mia Francesca’s meatballs by themselves without pasta, and add just enough Parmigiano- Reggianao to send the flavor over the top. Of course, a glass of Italian Red Wine pairs with it extremely well.

Now that we have everyone in Raleigh hungry, stop in for our delicious version of this Italian- American classic, and order the finest in comfort foods at the restaurant of choice here in North Hill’s Midtown.

Meet Mia Francesca’s signature meatball masterpiece the next time you visit. Make your reservations to taste Chef Zach’s meatballs today!

From Goodfellas to Lady and the Tramp, the best in Italian meatballs become the stars of the show! Reality aside, eating is so much better than watching. Bon Appetit!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/86473421]

Or follow this link and make sure you catch the video and then come in and enjoy the real thing!


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