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Mia Francesca Trattoria Presents: A Brief History of Italian Winemaking

Mia Francesca Trattoria is the Triangle’s destination for authentic Italian wine sensations in Raleigh at North Hills. From Chianti to History of Italian WinemakingBarolo to Pinot Grigio, the passions of our guests for both thirst and desire in great Italian wines make a simple glass to a bottle shared a truly partnering experience. Today, we being a month long series on wine. Our wine guide will focus on Italian wines and showcase their awesomeness! This is will be a definitive guide on why we think you should love Italian vino. So, let this be the preamble to a fascinating adventure…

History of Winemaking

For the perfect blend of food, wine and culture, there is simply nowhere in the world like Italy. Italian vineyards continue produce an abundance of superb wine.  With a wine history dating back more than 4,000 years and a climate ideally suited to growing grapes, Italy is one of the most diverse wine making countries in the world. By the time the Greeks first came to southern Italy, wine had long been a part of everyday life. Grapes were so easily cultivated they named the country “Oenotria” meaning the land of wine.  The Etruscans, followed by the Romans, took a great interest in improving winemaking skills. Italy continued to refine the techniques throughout the Middle Ages, firmly planting an international reputation for making a wide variety of excellent wines.

In the 1960s, when a series of laws passed to control wine quality and labeling, the modern era of winemaking began.  Winemaking occurs in all twenty regions of Italy and follows the European system of laws based on very specific geographical areas, grape varietals, aging requirements and other winemaking quality controls.

In terms of volume, the leading Italian winemaking regions are Veneto, Apulia, Sicily and Emilia-Romagna. As to having the highest quality designations, the leading region is Piedmont, followed by Tuscany. Italy is most famous for its noble reds (such as Chianti and Barolo) but the country also produces a wide array of popular white wines (including Pinot Grigio, Arneis, and Soave) as well as sparkling wines (such as Prosecco). The depth and breadth of Italian wine comprises everything from the very dry to the ultra-sweet, red, white, rose, sparkling and fortified. Mia Francesca’s Trattoria has an extensive wine list sure to satisfy any Italian wine connoisseur.

Today, these selected wines are more varied and more popular than ever. Italy plants hundreds of varietals—many of which only grow in their country. An amazing range of red, white and sparkling wines made in every style (from traditional to ultra-modern) please critics, collectors, and consumers throughout the world. Italy’s wine future is just as bright as its legendary past.

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