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Enjoy the Traditions of Thanksgiving at Mia Francesca Trattoria in North Hills

Restaurant Open For Thanksgiving Raleigh, NC

The traditional Thanksgiving Day here in the Triangle is fast approaching with most families preparing all the food at home from turkey to potatoes to dessert. There are a handful of Raleigh restaurants open for Thanksgiving, but for the first time ever our restaurant will be open for Thanksgiving. So why not make 2013 the year of the new traditions by gathering this holiday at Mia Francesca Trattoria  restaurant for Thanksgiving and our special farm to table spin on this day of joy and gratitude. We offer the freshest Thanksgiving buffet menu that everyone from Grandma to the kids will enjoy and remember for a long time!

Thanksgiving Raleigh

Mia Francesca will be open for Thanksgiving

Our Raleigh Restaurant is open on Thanksgiving this year to help you!

Immediately after the holiday dinner, there is always the even more traditional big cleanup with most everyone, except those already taking a nap on the couch, helping with the arduous chore of getting back to normal. As every person finally settles back in front of the tube to enjoy football, fun, family and friends; everyone is now too tuckered out to focus on conversation and the memories soon forgotten by yet another same old same old holiday celebration.

Now the family will finally have the time to relax and enjoy the wonderful Italian ambiance with everyone present and accounted for right here in Raleigh’s North Hills. Our culinary feast will please even the most die-hard post-Thanksgiving dinner couch potato.


Mia Francesca Trattoria restaurant has quite the

Thanksgiving Day Menu planned with the huge buffet featured from

11 am to 7 pm on Thursday November 28

2013 Thanksgiving Day Buffet Menu

$39.95 for Adults -$30.95 for Seniors 65 & Older – $16.95 for Children under 12 

-Free for Kids under 5-

All non-alcoholic beverages are included

18% Gratuity & Tax will be applied

We celebrate fresh NC local ingredients and participate in the NC Agriculture Department’s “Got to Be NC” program. If warm weather is in the forecast dine al fresco on our patio.

But don’t take our word for it, take a Google Virtual Tour of our restaurant in Raleigh – Tour Now!

Don’t forget to join us on the Weekends for Brunch Raleigh!


Since the early days of the Pilgrims, America has celebrated with great tasting food. Although we all know that the very first Pilgrim Thanksgiving took place over a number of days in the Plymouth Colony (in present-day Massachusetts) in 1621, it was not until the middle of the American Civil War in 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national day to be celebrated each final Thursday in November. The U.S. Congress finally made Thanksgiving Day an official national holiday in 1941 just before Pearl Harbor.

Finally, there really is a Turkey, North Carolina.  Interestingly, the Tar Heel State is one of the leading states in turkey production with over 30 million turkeys produced each and every year.

It is a time for family and great food. It is the time for Mia Francesca! Make sure to make your reservations today for our yummy Thanksgiving Day Buffet!

It is after all, “gobble, gobble” time!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Make Mia Francesca in North Hills a part of your autumn gatherings and your upcoming Thanksgiving Dinners. Show us off to your favorite out-of-town guests and your business associates as they come to the Triangle for Thanksgiving and the warmth of our Central Carolina weather.

Please check out the video demonstration of our IRON CHEF Zach’s making traditional Italian Biscotti

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