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The History of Italian Pasta Redefined at Mia Francesca Trattoria

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

October is National Pasta month so we thought we would take a peek back at the History of Italian Pasta. Mia Francesca Trattoria has the best Italian pasta in the Capital City. It is the staple of our Midtown Italian restaurant in North Hills, and it truly has a very unique and interesting past. When we think of ancient history and pasta, the first country we would associate it with just has to be Italy. Although many sources attribute Rome as the homeland for pasta as we know it is today, noodles were part of the Chinese diet over 4000 years ago. Even though noodles did not originate in the country of Italy, pasta has become a huge part of authentic Italian cuisine.

It still is considered to be a fun and accurate historical fact that classic pasta as it exists today was first enjoyed by the Italians. Yet noHistory Of Italian Pasta one knows who brought it to the family table for the first time. We simply do not know if it was derived from an old family recipe that was passed down through generations or discovered by accident. Sadly, we will never know for sure. But is a safe bet to say that Italy has to be considered the true birthplace of authentic pasta. Now, we know that pasta is considered a noodle product and the most famous noodle of all has to be spaghetti.

Historically, the growing popularity of pasta quickly spread to all of Italy in the 19th Century after the establishment of factories that started mass production; the critical invention being the first kneading machine created in Naples, Italy.

For hundreds of years, pasta was served with no sauce at all and the common folk simply used their fingers to eat it.  When the Spanish introduced the tomato plant to Europe, the idea of using tomatoes to create a tasty sauce forever changed how Italians serve this now famous staple. When sauce was first served piled high on the spaghetti, utensils, rather than hands and fingers, had to be used!

But probably the best reason to eat pasta and pasta dishes is its unique flexibility with three major advantages:

  • It can be stored for long time periods of time
  • It can be added with any meal
  • It can have any variety of sauces, meats and cheeses and stay simply delicious

There are many famous varieties of pasta including gnocchi, macaroni, lasagna, vermicelli and rigatoni among others. Each is unique and very special. Enjoyable pasta is now one of America’s favorite foods, offering an array of recipes and options. No matter what when or where, pasta is simply yummy! And it is good to know that you can get the best of pasta at Mia Francesca in North Hills.

Remember that October is National Pasta Month! So, grab a fork and enjoy! Contact the National Pasta Association for information on how you can get more involved in celebrating one of America’s most favorite foods.


Make Mia Francesca in North Hills a part of your weekend memories, your Autumn gatherings, and your business activities. Show us off to your favorite out-of-town guests and your business associates by letting them experience the “Best in the Triangle” Northern Italian cuisine right here in North Hills, the heart of Raleigh’s Midtown.

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